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Largest ever study finds abortion increases risk of severe mental health problems by 81%

“….the largest quantitative estimate of mental health risks associated with abortion available in the world literature.”  The research revealed that abortion was associated with a 34% increased risk for anxiety disorders; 37% greater risk of depression; 110% greater risk of alcohol abuse and 220% greater risk of marijuana use/abuse.  Abortion was also linked with a 155% greater risk of attempting to commit suicide.

I have said it before….abortion is bad for women.

Perhaps you are unaware of this study, which :

A) more clinically valid
B) more scientifically stringent
C) more comprehensive
D) less biased
E) produced using the proper methodology
F) published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and
G) points out that your “study” is full of shit.

Has it crossed your mind to wonder why a “researcher” in Bowling Green, OH had to go to the British Journal of Psychiatry to get her “study” published?

Do you have a theory as to why you had to go to Life Site “News” to obtain this “information?”

Are you aware of how the process of getting a study published works?

Did you bother to research Priscilla K. Coleman, whose work is “logically inconsistent” and potentially “substantially inflated” by faulty methodology?” Did you know that “other researchers have been unable to reproduce Coleman’s results on abortion and mental health despite using the same dataset?”

Did you know that, per the APA, “the studies by Coleman, and her co-authors have “inadequate or inappropriate” controls and don’t adequately control “for women’s mental health prior to the pregnancy and abortion?”

Do you understand causation? Correlation? Proper research methodology? Basic psychology? Basic math?

The only thing in this post that is bad for women: anti-choicers like yourself and “Dr.” Coleman, who continue to spread false information and stick your fingers in your ears yelling “LA LA LA LA LA” when confronted with science, math, and reality.


foradayofsky drops the mic, exits

I cheer and lol @ anti-choicers

I am wholly embarrassed that this woman is allowed to teach at a university near me. :( BGSU, I expect better of you. :/

Nng, I don’t expect BG to do any better. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about this before, actually.

So many conflicting feelings on this topic, though. Abortion is a traumatic event and will have psychological repercussions, and I feel that this is a fact. However, I feel that those could be minimized by a lot if we didn’t demonize the process in our society, and didn’t guilt women so much about the choices they made. If we, y’know, didn’t stigmatize the right to do with your body what you feel is best.

The same people hailing that abortion is bad for women’s mental health are over half the reason WHY it is bad for women’s mental health. There is enough guilt and sorrow going on there that no one really needs your help, conservatives. Seriously. And if I ever meet the woman who did this study I may become violent. 

I have spoken to many women who have had abortions and, in general, they do regret it…
But less because they did, and more because they had to for whatever reason.

Whoever did this study needs to never talk to me because I may break their face.

Re the bolded part of happyvegetable’s response:

Abortion is a traumatic event and will have psychological repercussions, and I feel that this is a fact.


No, no, no, no.

Okay, so you “feel” this is a fact.

Congratulations, you have feelings.  You are equal to every other random person on the internet.

That does not make your opinion any more a fact.

Because that’s all that bolded statement is.  You feel that abortion is a traumatic event with inherent psychological repercussions.  The key words here are YOU and FEEL.  You see, that whole “I feel” part means it’s your opinion and you cannot just treat it like a blanket statement of fact that applies to all people.

Having an abortion is a traumatic event for many people.  Whether because it was a wanted pregnancy gone wrong, or because they would have kept it if only circumstances were right, or because the pregnancy was a result of sexual violence and so the abortion is associated with that event for them, or for any number of other reasons.  And for these people, there may indeed be psychological repercussions, and they deserve access to nonjudgmental help and care should they want it.

However, there are also many people for whom abortion is not traumatic in the slightest and who have no particular psychological repercussions.  I am one of them.  Oh, sure, abortion is traumatic for everyone, sure…mine was so traumatic I have to stop and calculate to even remember what year it was or how many years it’s been.  (Actually right now I do know it off the top of my head, but only because I got a 5-year IUD two months after the abortion and I had to have that replaced this summer, so it’s a useful benchmark.)  For me, abortion was annoying, time-consuming, cranky-making, a pain in the ass, and an unexpected expense.  Afterward, the only emotions I felt were relief and gladness that it was over and I could go on with my life.  Psychological repercussions?  Eh, not so much.

Look, I agree with the rest of your response - the only negative emotion I experienced post-abortion was guilt for not feeling guilty, which was a weird experience and directly related to anti-choice shaming around the issue far more than it had anything to do with the fact of having had the abortion itself, so I definitely agree that they are themselves a lot of the problem.

But statements like yours, using an ostensibly pro-choice framing that uncritically present abortion as an inherently traumatic experience for everyone, without taking into account the range of human experiences and emotions around the issue, were ALSO a huge part of my guilt-trip-trigger.  I mean, fuck, if my own side is buying into that narrative, maybe there really *is* something shameful about having an abortion, something bad, maybe I *am* a bad person for not being at all bothered by the experience.

The only thing you or anyone else can ever say an abortion inherently does in every case, is end a pregnancy.  The amount of difficulty or ease, emotional disturbance or positive emotion, will vary depending on the person and the circumstances.  You don’t speak for every person affected by an abortion situation, any more than these people with their “I regret my abortion” signs do.  If you experienced psychological repercussions and trauma after an abortion, I’m truly sorry, but all that means is that YOU have that reaction.  If these women regret their abortions, I feel bad for them, but all that means is THEY regret their abortions.  The experience of having an abortion is highly individual, and I absolutely cannot stand ANYONE, our side OR theirs, making blanket statements about how abortion affects people because those kinds of statements have no basis in reality.

tl;dr: [citation needed]

People really really really need to stop applying their personal beliefs or experiences as blanket statements that cover the range of experience for ALL women in any given situation!

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